Who we are..

After identifying the communication needs, we identify and link up with the innovators/ producers/ and value chain experts who have the information / technologies-(like you in Coffee production,) and package it into tailor-made promotional, advocacy, informational, educational and edutainment Video, Audio and Graphic (Magazines/ Brochures/ Billboards) media messages to solve the development challenges of the targeted communities. Although we prime agribusiness support and development enterprises, other areas in the development realm, amongst them, financial literacy, environment, health and gender mainstreaming, are given as much attention to meet the varied demands of the growing & informed society.

Our objectives.
Empowering the active poor communities, irrespective of their age, sex, disability, culture, race, ethnicity and or religion with information and communication skills to cultivate a culture of self- sustenance using the available resources for development, instead of waiting for handouts from the authorities Create linkages and networks where the researchers/producers/innovators seize the opportunity to ‘interact’ with the potential consumers of their products and vice-vasa.

Business model.
DevCom provides high quality easy to use information, communication & education messages which are readily available to various consumers to facilitate the development process. Our clients come from the public and private sectors, community based organizations, and local/international non-governmental organizations. The messages are produced/published under the following terms;-

• Consultancy services in various communication related fields.
• Linkages and networking with various Public and the Private sector, Non-governmental organization to supply ready to publish products – on their behalf through various Electronic Media outlets, Newspapers.
• Hosting clients/ Advertisers/ Sponsors on our web pages.
• Producing/Hiring out training video/audio kits on DVDs at a nominal fee to the DevCom members. To become a member you pay a membership fee.
• Focal support for value chain contacts in Agribusiness and agriculture.
• Instant Data Disaster Management.
• Get collections/sponsorships for linkage forums and innovation promotion platforms that bring different service providers and consumers together.

DevCom Consults is an acronym for ‘The Development Communication Consultants’. It is a private media organisation specializing in Strategic and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Communication.

Our philosophy
DevCom promotes sustained positive behavioral change of the individuals, households and eventually the communities to be able to break out of the bondage of poverty. For this, we employ multi-faceted communication approaches and strategies to convey tailor made messages to be able to capture the following critical pillars that build the process. They include;

• Increasing the knowledge base of the vulnerable communities so that they can take informed decisions on the different issues that affect their life.
• Reducing stigma and discrimination amongst the different sections of the society.
• Creating the demand for information and services, including but not limited to protecting their property intellectual rights.
• Advocating for more space in the media and other decision making organs to create that enabling environment.
• Creating linkages that bring together the different actors along the production line.
• Emphasizing value addition along the development path on each and every sector of the development.

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DevCom Consults is an acronym for ‘The Development Communication Consultants’. It is a private media organisation specializing in Strategic and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Communication.

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