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About Devcom

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After identifying the communication needs, we identify and link up with the innovators/ producers/ and value chain experts who have the information / technologies and package it into tailor-made promotional, advocacy, informational, educational and edutainment Video, Audio and Graphic (Magazines/ Brochures/ Billboards) media messages to solve the development challenges of the targeted communities...

What we do?

Providing high quality informative and educational packages, Entertainment and so much more...


    Our products are presented in a wide range of tailor-made advocacy, informational, educational and entertainment packages guided by the goals of the targeted audiences.

  • Localized video and audio materials.

    Manuals, handbooks, photo stories, posters, fliers, News Paper features ,Graphic animations and banners to suit your communication needs


    DevCom Consults uses the state of the art Panasonic AG-DVX200PJ 4K, the robust HXR-NX5E (for broadcast quality documentaries, social media and training amongst a host of other tailor made packages).


    DevCom Consults uses a number of dissemination approaches to meet the needs of the specific target audiences.

  • Tailor made training for individuals, communities, and organizations to streamline your communication needs to actualize your development goals.

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  • Custom built digital solutions

    Dedicated mobile apps, websites, business support and accounting systems in your sector.

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